Monday, February 22, 2010

What is Forex?

Foreign Exchange or Forex is a globally trusted market used for the trading or exchange of currencies of different countries. It is the world’s largest financial market. Millions of people from different walks of life are an active part of Forex or foreign exchange market. With the passage of every year, the Forex market is growing in size and becoming more accessible to common people. It is the market of 21st century and million of people from all over the world are relaying on it to achieve their financial goals. With the advancement in the technology and communication science, Forex has become a huge market but still it has more potential of growth and rise. In the years to come, it may become the trade of choice for many traders. The new generation of traders and investors is seeking exciting opportunities in Forex trade.

Forex or Foreign Exchange Education
Forex or foreign exchange trading is a very tricky and risky task. Without having proper training and education, one has very limited chances of success. The most important cause for the failure of Forex traders is their lack of Forex training. A quality Forex Education or Training helps the Forex traders to improve their trading abilities and skills. Only a well educated or trained Forex trader understands the complexities and subtleties of Forex trade. Proper Forex training teaches the trader a sound trading strategy and an effective approach to currency trading. A qualified Forex trader can explore the opportunities much easily and extensively.

What should be done before London open?
A quality Forex training focuses on the market timing effect on trading and liquidity. The time when London market starts its proceedings is the busiest time of the market. The London market’s startup time has a great effect on Forex market. No education or training system can neglect the importance of analyzing the effect of London’s Forex market’s opening and closing. There are some key points which are very handy to analyze the effect of London market on Forex market. These should be checked, half an hour before the startup of the London market. They are given as below:

Key Points before London open
• if the MACD (Moving Average Convergence / Divergence) indicators are not on the 4 hour and 1 hour then a careful or cautious approach is the better strategy.
• Divergence of the security price from the MACD is a clue that current market trend is going to over.
• A Fibonacci calculation on the last up and down trend help to know if price is going backwards to its initial position or it is heading towards an extended level.
• It is necessary to have knowledge about expected economic reports as they greatly influence the market.
• if the candle nears on the fifteen minute chart at London startup, try to observe the tweezers or doji’s patterns or hammers which indicates the fall of price
• Risk analysis and defining a proper stop is also essential to check


Before a few minute of London startup, the above factors can help to make decision of trading or holding back. Performing a daily analysis on London open is a handy way to improve the Forex trading skills. There is no hard and fast rule for Forex education. Success with Forex trading comes with experience, practice and learning new skills. With getting experienced, a trader get more disciplined and controlled in his emotions which is a must trait for Forex trader.


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