Monday, August 24, 2009

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Video Free Download

Latest talk of the town is this leaked Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Video. It was even on the showbiz news yesterday.

Now the question lies, is this the video which Dra. Vicky Belo discovered? Or are there other videos aside from these.

Check the full Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Video inside. It's in .mov format, so be sure to have quicktime or other video player to be able to view.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Job hunting? Take those wild party pics off Facebook

WASHINGTON (AFP) - – Nearly half of US employers research the online profiles of job candidates on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn, according to a new survey.

Forty-five percent of the employers surveyed for, the largest US online job site, said they use social networking sites to check on job candidates, up from just 22 percent in a survey conducted last year.

Another 11 percent said they plan to start using social networking sites for screening.

"As social networking grows increasingly pervasive, more employers are utilizing these sites to screen potential employees," CareerBuilder said in a statement.

It said job seekers should "be mindful of the information they post online."

CareerBuilder said that of those who conduct online searches as background checks on job candidates, 29 percent use Facebook, 26 percent use LinkedIn and 21 percent use MySpace.

Eleven percent search blogs while seven percent follow candidates on micro-blogging service Twitter.

Thirty-five percent of those surveyed said they have found content on a social network that caused them not to hire a candidate, CareerBuilder said.

Examples included "provocative or inappropriate photographs or information" or content about drinking or using drugs.

Other reasons cited were badmouthing a previous employer, co-workers or clients, poor communication skills, making discriminatory comments, lying about qualifications or sharing confidential information from a previous employer.

Information found on social networking profiles was not always a negative factor in finding a job.

Eighteen percent of employers said they have found content on social networking sites that caused them to hire the candidate, CareerBuilder said.

Some profiles "provided a good feel for the candidates personality" or supported their professional qualifications while others demonstrated creativity or solid communication skills.

Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder, recommended that candidates "clean up digital dirt" before beginning a job search by removing photos, content and links which could hurt their chances.

The survey of 2,667 hiring managers and human resource professionals was conducted by Harris Interactive between May 22 and June 10. It has a sampling error of plus or minus 1.9 percentage points.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sony slashes PS3 price to $299, announces new Slim model

The PlayStation Slim

Sony might not be able to keep a secret, but they can sure make an announcement.

After months of rumors and speculation, the company finally made official news of a brand new version of its PlayStation 3 console during a game convention in Germany on Tuesday. Called the "PlayStation Slim," the new system is due to release in North America and Europe on September 1 for $299 and €299, respectively. The price cut is immediate, however, meaning the soon-to-be-replaced 80 GB PlayStation 3 currently on store shelves is now only $299 as well.

Touting the same features and functionality of the current console, the Slim is true to its name, coming in at 33% smaller and 36% lighter. It's also greener, using 34% less power. But while its chassis has shrunk, its trunk space has grown with a new 120 GB hard drive. Who doesn't like roomy interiors? Check out these hi-res shots and see for yourself.

Sony hopes the long-awaited price drop will stimulate sales for its ailing system, which typically trails both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 (and occasionally Sony's own PlayStation 2) in monthly sales. The new price point at least closes that gap financially; $299 is on par with the standard model Xbox 360 and is only $50 more expensive than the Nintendo Wii.

The announcement could not come at a more fortuitous time, as the video game industry suffered another month of declining sales in July. Overall, the industry is down roughly 14% since last year.

Smartphones: Watch Out for Falling Prices

The selection of smartphones that cost $100 or less is growing, thanks to T-Mobile's new BlackBerry Curve 8520, available today for as little as $50, and Verizon's substantial, if stealthy, price cuts to a number of its fancier phones.

The Curve, which we'll soon add to our ratings (available to subscribers), comes nicely equipped with an optical trackpad, wi-fi connectivity, and dedicated media keys on the top of the handset for convenient access to the phone's multimedia features. And like Sprint's Palm Pre, it claims the ability to sync with your iTunes library — though it, too, may be subject to the cat-and-mouse game Apple has been playing with Palm to thwart such syncing (which doesn't apply at any rate to copy-protected iTunes songs, movies, and videos you've bought). While T-Mobile's currently selling the phone for $130, it's a little under $50 at Wal-Mart. (All prices are with a two-year contract.)

Verizon has quietly slashed prices on many of its smartphones, including on some fairly popular models like the HTC Touch Pro and Samsung Omnia, both $100. And our smartphone ratings already boast a number of capable $50 models, including another BlackBerry Curve, the 8330 model (Verizon and Sprint), the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 (T-Mobile), the Samsung BlackJack II (AT&T), the Palm Centro 690 (Sprint), and the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (Sprint).

However, these aging phones have been discounted, perhaps (as some bloggers, including The Boy Genius Report, speculate) to make room for new models, including the BlackBerry Storm 2 slated for November. We can't recall seeing a brand-new smart phone sell for as little as the new Curve.

Of course, the purchase price of a smartphone is dwarved by the cost of service to it over its contract period. That bears consideration before you snap up a $50 phone — and overlook the fact that you can easily pay twice that much a month to actually use it, particularly if you start adding the likes of third-party apps like satellite radio and GPS navigation. — Mike Gikas

Consumer Reports has no relationship with any advertisers on Yahoo!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Judge approves Michael Jackson merchandising deal

LOS ANGELES – Official Michael Jackson merchandise will soon arrive on store shelves, but the fate of a proposed tour of the King of Pop's memorabilia remains in limbo after the singer's mother expressed renewed concerns on Monday.

Attorneys for Katherine Jackson withdrew their objections to an agreement with merchandiser Bravado to bring everything from Jackson trading cards, apparel and cell phone themes to consumers.

But her objections remain a roadblock to a deal that would put some of her son's prized items on display later this year. That tour was intended to coincide with the release of a major movie featuring his final rehearsals for a series of London shows.

Burt Levitch, an attorney for Jackson's mother, Katherine, said her objections were over concerns about her son's legacy, as well as the split of proceeds from the memorabilia tour with concert promoter AEG Live.

Attorneys for AEG and the current administrators of Jackson's estate wanted the memorabilia tour approved on Monday, but Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff instead scheduled an evidentiary hearing to determine if the deal represented the best arrangement for Jackson's estate.

Katherine Jackson and her three grandchildren are set to receive the vast majority of the King of Pop's estate. An attorney appointed to represent the children's interests said Monday she thought the deal should be approved.

Kathy Jorrie, an attorney for AEG, said the memorabilia exhibition faces a tight deadline and the company's interest might wane if the tour isn't approved soon. She said the company was not interested in renegotiating the deal.

AEG wants the memorabilia tour to open at the same time as a movie using footage of Jackson's final rehearsals. The deal is expected to generate up to $6 million for the estate, said Howard Weitzman, an attorney for the current administrators of the estate.

Columbia Pictures paid $60 million for the rights to the film based on the Jackson footage, and Jackson's estate is slated to receive 90 percent of the film's profits.

One of the concessions Katherine Jackson is apparently seeking is the authority to sign off on the deal. Beckloff said he was inclined to reject that argument.

"She doesn't own the property," Beckloff said. "There's no reason to make her a signatory to those agreements."

But Beckloff said he wasn't sure that he could grant the estate's administrators approval to enter into the deal without hearing more information. The judge said he was in a difficult position and was concerned that delays in approving the deal — which was first proposed nearly two weeks ago — are hurting the estate.

"I see the delay as a real problem for the estate," Beckloff said.

Microsofties' side project seeks new Office ideas

SEATTLE - Have a gripe about Office? A couple of guys at Microsoft Corp. want to hear it directly.

"Make Office Better" is an unofficial project launched by an Office product planner and a Windows software tester at Microsoft.

Individuals submit ideas and weigh in on whether they like the ideas submitted by others. Topics that resonate most with the crowd should get the most "me, too" votes and rise to the top.

It's similar to the approach taken by the news aggregator site and the IdeaStorm product-suggestion site run by PC maker Dell Inc.

After a few weeks online, Make Office Better has racked up about 750 ideas, but only about 150 of them got 10 votes or more.

One particularly passionate user made at least eight separate submissions to "Ditch the Ribbon," referring to the new user interface introduced with Office 2007.

The leading suggestion, to change the way the Outlook e-mail program handles Web-page-style e-mails, was posted by one of the project's founders, Steve Zaske.

Many of the ideas are highly technical. Some reveal nostalgia for features in WordPerfect, which was overtaken as the top word processing program by Microsoft Office years ago. Others argue for more compatibility with OpenOffice, a free set of competing programs.

And some are just way out there, like one request to turn Microsoft Word into a way to self-publish and sell electronic books, with Microsoft taking a cut.

Microsoft isn't commenting on the site or promising to review any of the ideas, although Zaske and co-founder Luke Foust say they'll try to get the top suggestions onto the Office team's radar. And the software maker already has other ways of seeking input from Office users, some built right into the software itself.

But if Make Office Better catches on like Dell's IdeaStorm, Microsoft may want to bring this outside tool in-house. The Dell site has logged more than 12,000 ideas, with top ones garnering more than 100,000 votes. Dell says it has acted on more than 350 of them.

At least the Microsoft site has a sense of humor. In a graphic at the top of the home page, it puts "Clippy," the much-maligned, animated paper clip that offered Word and Excel tips until Office 2007's launch, somewhere on the evolutionary timeline between apes and cave men. - AP

Suicide truck bomb kills at least 12 in Russia

NAZRAN, Russia — A suicide bomber exploded a truck at a police station in Russia's restive North Caucasus Monday, killing at least 12 people and wounding nearly 60 others, officials said.

The bombing was the deadliest for months in Russia's south and dented Kremlin claims to be stabilizing the North Caucasus region, where 15 years of separatist fighting in Chechnya has increasingly spilled into surrounding provinces.

The attacker rammed the gates of the local police headquarters in the city of Nazran in Ingushetia and detonated his explosives as police officers lined up for a morning check, said Kaloi Akhilgov, a spokesman for the regional president.

At least 12 people were killed and 58 were wounded, said Svetlana Gorbakova of the regional branch of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor General's office. She said there were at least nine children among the wounded.

The attacker and the truck, which carried at least 44 pounds (20 kilograms) of explosives, were pulverized by the blast, Gorbakova said. The police building was on fire and nearby apartment buildings were badly damaged.

An Associated Press reporter saw 11 badly burned bodies at a morgue in Nazran, the largest city in Ingushetia, which borders Chechnya to the west.

While large-scale fighting from the two wars that ravaged Chechnya since 1994 has ended, militants continue to mount hit-and-run attacks and skirmishes. Bloodshed has surged in recent months and increasingly spilled into Chechnya's neighbors.

Ingushetia and other provinces in the region have been destabilized by shootings, bombings and other attacks targeting police and government officials.

Ingushetia's Kremlin-appointed president, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, was badly wounded in a bombinb in June and hasn't yet returned to his duties. - AP

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Donaire dominates Concepcion
LAS VEGAS, Nevada, August 15, 2009 (AFP) - Rising Filipino fighter Nonito Donaire earned a 12-round unanimous decision over a bloodied Rafael Concepcion Saturday to capture the World Boxing Association interim super flyweight title.

Donaire, who vacated his International Boxing Federation flyweight title to move up in weight, improved to 22-1 with his 21st straight victory.

"I'm here to give honor to my country," Donaire said. "We are great fighters. I came here to represent and fight with all of my heart."

The ringside judges saw it 117-111, 115-113 and 116-112 for the 26-year-old Filipino, who opened a cut under Concepcion's left eye in the second round with his punishing jab.

Donaire nearly sent Concepcion to the canvas with a flurry of blows to end the third round, and while he took some punishment in the middle rounds he never appeared in serious jeopardy.

"The cut really bothered me in the first few rounds, but I got used to it," said Panama's Concepcion, who fell to 13-4-1 and grumbled about Donaire's style.

"He didn't want to fight, he wanted to run," Concepcion said. "I knew he was a great fighter, a great technician. If he would have had a warriors' heart, we would have exchanged more."

Donaire, who made three successful defenses of his flyweight belt, will now be setting his sights on the super flyweight division's marquee names, including Fernando Montiel and Jorge Arce.

"Those are the guys on top of me," Donaire said. "I want to fight them to prove I belong."

Concepcion had weighed in four pounds over the limit. Although Donaire agreed to go on with the fight, Concepcion couldn't have claimed the title and will forfeit 20 percent of his purse.

"Those extra pounds were definitely a disadvantage," Donaire said. "But I am a warrior. I would have still fought if he was 20 pounds over weight. If he didn't have the extra weight, I would have knocked him out in the beginning.

"I'm ready for the big guys in that weight class," Donaire added. "That guy was a 122-pounder tonight and he was tough, but I proved I could fight at that weight."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

President Arroyo: 1 Million Peso Dinner on USA trip??
dining area where arroyo enjoyed her meal at le cirque

I just recently read an article about GMA's trip to the United States. Apparently there are reports that she spent $20,000 (or 955,400 Philippine Pesos) on dinner at an exclusive restaurant in New York. I'm assuming that the bill was paid for with Philippine government money. LOL! I mean you can say it was a business trip and I guess that would justify things somewhat.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a good time when traveling. And sure if I worked for a company that would pay for a free meal I would probably eat somewhere nice. But isn't a $20,000 (or 1 Million Peso) dinner a little excessive??? LOL

Anyways, any thoughts on spending this kind of money on dinner???

Hans Christian Ørsted

Hans Christian Ørsted
(also spelled Oersted)
born Aug. 14, 1777, Rudkøbing, Denmark
died March 9, 1851, Copenhagen

Hans Christian Ørsted, one of the leading scientists of the nineteenth century, played a crucial role in understanding electromagnetism. In 1820 he discovered that a compass needle deflects from magnetic north when an electric current is switched on or off in a nearby wire. This showed that electricity and magnetism were related phenomena, a finding that laid the foundation for the theory of electromagnetism and for the research that later created such technologies as radio, television and fiber optics. The unit of magnetic field strength was named the Oersted in his honor.

Read more Oersted...


Watch this video till the end. You'll be surprised!
ppsimons video. thank you, ppsimons!


BARAQ=lightning in Hebrew
BAMAH=the heights in Hebrew
Jesus said - I saw Satan fall as lightning (Baraq) from the heavens or heights (Bamah). IT is plain and simple. Probably just a coincidence - but INDISPUTABLE as to the word associations. So - the film was created. Sorry if you are an obamamaniac or a bible ignoramous, but there it is. Just an interesting word association. The film does NOT proclaim that BHO "IS" the AC.

Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz, president of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, in Wyncote, Pa - in a SALON.COM article - 7-31-09

Hebrew for Lightning from the HEIGHTS = "barak uvamah"
See it HERE!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jackson tribute in Vienna set for Sept. 26

VIENNA – A global tribute to Michael Jackson on the grounds of a 17th century palace in Vienna will

be held Sept. 26, and Jackson's brother Jermaine will announce the concert lineup soon, organizers said Wednesday.

World Awards Media GmbH, the event promoters, said Jermaine Jackson would unveil details at a Vienna news conference later this month.

The promoters said in a statement they were working "briskly" to line up major entertainers and a network to broadcast the event live. They said Vienna agreed to be a partner "in this singularly worldwide event."

On Tuesday, World Media Awards chief Georg Kindel told The Associated Press the tribute was expected to run three hours and feature about 10 top artists performing 15 to 20 Jackson hits. They would perform on a crown-shaped stage to be built in front of Vienna's Schoenbrunn Palace.

Kindel said Jackson family members and unidentified Hollywood stars also would honor Jackson as images and video clips were screened.

Last week, Jermaine Jackson said Vienna was chosen as the venue because his brother "loved castles."

Many fans had expected the tribute to be staged in London, where the pop star had been booked to begin performing a marathon of concerts shortly after his June 25 death in Los Angeles.

Renate Brauner, Vienna's deputy mayor, said the city is thrilled to play host to "this high-carat, internationally sensational event."

Austrian media have reported that Madonna, U2, Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston might be among the performers. Kindel declined to confirm those reports and stressed that Jermaine Jackson is still assembling the lineup.

Tickets are expected to go on sale Aug. 20.

Organizers envision standing room for about 85,000 people on the sculpted grounds of Schoenbrunn, a former imperial palace, and grandstands to accommodate 5,000 VIP guests.

Marines assault Taliban town in Afghanistan

AP – After an eight-hour firefight against Taliban forces, US. Marines rest in the room of a home that they …

DAHANEH, Afghanistan – Helicopter-borne U.S. Marines backed by Harrier jets stormed a Taliban-held town in southern Afghanistan before dawn Wednesday, the launch of a new operation to uproot Taliban fighters from a longtime base and provide security for next week's presidential election.

The troops exchanged heavy fire with insurgents, killing at least seven in an offensive they hoped would also cut Taliban supply lines and isolate their fighters.

Associated Press journalists traveling with the first wave said militants fired small arms, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades after helicopters dropped the troops over Taliban lines. Fighting lasted more than eight hours, as Harrier jets streaked overhead and dropped flares in a show of force.

The Taliban put up such fierce resistance that Marines said they suspected the militants knew the assault was coming.

Other Marines met heavy resistance as they fought to seize control of the mountains surrounding Dahaneh in the southern province of Helmand. Another convoy of Marines rolled into the town despite roadside bomb attacks and gunfire.

It was the first time NATO troops had entered Dahaneh, which has been under Taliban control for years.

U.S., NATO and Afghan troops are working to protect voting sites around the country so Afghans can take part in the country's second-ever direct presidential election on Aug. 20. Taliban militants have vowed to disrupt the elections, and attacks are on the rise.

At the Pentagon, spokesman Bryan Whitman said the operation was "going as planned."

"They are engaged in a fight. They are meeting some resistance," he said. He would not say how long the current offensive will last. read full story.......

Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks August 12th, 2009

Every year in early August, we can observe the Perseid meteor shower (“the Perseids”). And it’s a fascinating sky event.

Here’s a beginners’ guide to what it is and how best to enjoy it. (Perhaps, impress your friends with these astronomy questions and answers!)

What are the Perseids and what is a meteor?

Every year in August, the Earth passes through rock and dust fragments left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle, last time it came near the Sun. As these small particles collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn-up, often creating a startling streak of light across the sky.

You can easily observe this and it can be a wonderous spectacle.

Why is it called the Perseid meteor shower?

The term “Perseid”, refers to the star constellation of Perseus.

Perseid meteor shower radiant point, above the North-East horizon
View of Perseid meteor radiant point, above NE horizon after midnight

The meteors actually have nothing to do with the stars we see from Earth, as being part of Perseus. It just appears as though the meteors originate from Perseus.

In fact, the rock fragments are close to the Earth – that’s why they burn in our atmosphere.

They are very close, just a few hundred miles – not many, many light years distant like the stars.

But, if you trace-back the bright trails of meteors we see, they appear to originate from the stars of Perseus.

When can you see them?

The Perseid meteor shower actually starts in late July and runs to late August. However, the best time to view is around the peak.

It’s not precise, but the 2009 peak is expected on August 12th at around 15.00 hours UT. There is some uncertainty, so it’s very worthwhile to observe either side of this.

In particular for European observers, the hours of darkness either side the peak hours, may well prove more fruitful! So try the previous Tuesday night, as well as the night of Wednesday 12th.

And there is also a potentially prominent Moon to contend with. It will not set below the horizon until the early hours of the morning.

What equipment do you need to observe the meteor shower?

The good news is none! Just use your eyes.

It will help your observation if you give your eyes some time (say 15 minutes), to become adapted to the darkness.

Binoculars my also help, but on the other hand, they may restrict your view to a small part of the sky.

The meteors originate in the region of Perseus, but they may appear in view just about anywhere in the sky. Although, if you were to track-back their trails, you would get to Perseus.

Can they be measured, at all?

Yes. Keen astronomers count how many appear in a fixed period of time, in a certain area of the sky. This is expressed as a Zenithal Hourly Rate (ZHR).

We may expect around 100 streaks of meteor light across the sky per hour, at or near the shower peak.

Do watch out for them on Wednesday 12th August and during hours of darkness, before and after.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kate Moss is topless again

Here’s Kate Moss sunbathing topless in Saint Tropez yesterday. As many times as I’ve seen her nipples just this year alone, I’m pretty much convinced Kate’s father was murdered in front of her by a bra. Which is why… Read full story...

Britney Spears in a bikini

Here’s Britney Spears on a photo shoot in LA yesterday that will inevitably push the boundaries of our current airbrush technology. Don’t get me wrong, Britney looks great after all she’s been through. It takes a lot of work… …read full story

(Things To Know) (UPDATE) Cory Aquino dies

By Maila Ager
First Posted 05:18:00 08/01/2009

Filed Under: Health, death notices, Cory Aquino

MANILA, Philippines – Former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino has passed away.

She was 76.

Her son Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III confirmed that she died of cardio-respiratory arrest at exactly 3:18 a.m. Saturday at the Makati Medical Center.

Mrs. Aquino has been diagnosed with colon cancer early in 2008 and has been confined at the Makati Medical Center for more than a month.

Mrs. Aquino, widow of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., will be remembered as an icon of democracy, having led a military-backed popular revolt in 1986 that ousted a dictator who ruled the country for 20 years.

At about 5 a.m. outside the hospital, Noynoy read a statement announcing the death of his mother.

The statement read:

"Our mother peacefully passed away at 3:18 a.m., August 1, 2009, of cardio-respiratory arrest.

“She would have wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the prayers and your continued love and support. It was her wish for all of us to pray for one another and for our country.

“Hinihiling po ng aming pamilya ang kaunting panahon para makasama namin ang aming mahal na ina.

“Later today, we will be announcing further details of her wake para sa lahat ng ating mga minamahal na kababayan na nais magbigay ng respeto sa aming ina. Maraming salamat po.”

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo expressed her condolences to the family of the former President, Arroyo's press secretary said.

The President is set to declare a week of national mourning, said Press Secretary Cerge Remonde in a live phone patch from the US where he is accompanying Arroyo who is on official visit there.

Remonde said the President could cut short her trip but that they were going to discuss the matter when they get to New York, their next stop after Washington D.C. where she met President Barack Obama at the White House.

Arroyo is expected to be back in Manila on August 5.

Remonde also said that under the law, all presidents were entitled to a state funeral but added that this would be subject to the family's approval.

Popular TV host Boy Abunda, a close friend of the Aquino family, told reporters on Saturday that the Aquinos were praying the Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary when Cory gave her "last deep breath.”

Abunda said all five children of Mrs. Aquino, and her close friends and relatives were at her bedside when the former leader passed away.

After that last breath, Abunda said, Mrs. Aquino's children quietly cried.

"Malungkot. Tahimik na nag-iiyakan. Tahimik, except for Kris who was very quiet," he said, referring to the youngest daughter of Mrs. Aquino.

"Kris was very quiet. She was displaying such courage pero noong dindadala palabas mga labi ni Tita Cory... because you have to remember that Kris was in the hospital, Kris was by the side of her mother since July 20 hanggang sa mga oras na yun. Hanggang ngayon si Kris ay nasa tabi ng kanyang ina," Abunda said.

He said a Mass, officiated by Fr. Catalino Arevalo, was held after Mrs. Aquino's death.

Abunda said Arevalo is a very close friend of the former leader and had been officiating a Mass for her at the hospital.

A family driver of the Aquinos was seen loading stuff into a white Toyota Hi-Ace van parked at the back entrance of the hospital. He said the boxes and luggage belonged to Kris who left the hospital early Saturday morning. With a report from Niña Calleja and Gil Cabacungan Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer