Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farmville Cheats - Facebook Farmville Cheat, Tricks, Glitches and Hacks

Facebook games are becoming increasingly popular. To get ahead, people are trying to look for cheats, tricks, glitches and hacks that could get them to advance faster in the game. One of the most popular games is Zynga's "Farmville." Farmville cheats and tricks are becoming demand. Good thing Bryan's Blog is here to provide you the cheats and tricks in Farmville that you are looking for. Some other Facebook game cheats you may find in Bryan's Blog are Farm Town, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Mafia Wars, Happy Aquarium and Yoville.

Bryan's Blog tries to provide you the Facebook game tips and tricks that you are looking for. Everyday, the site is updated to show new cheats on Farmville games so I urge you to check the ite regularly. Here are Famville cheats that you may find useful:

For this cheat, you will need 10 plots that are empty or need to be plowed. After that, calculate how much money you will be needing to plant what you really want to harvest (examplefor exam watermelons that take 4 days to harvest but sell for 348 FarmVille coins). Reserve 1300 FarmVille coins for seeds planting and 150 coins for plowing those future watermelon plots, you will be not planting watermelons right away in these plots so be patient. To start this FarmVille cheat that really works, plow your 10 plots and buy soybeans. It will cost 150 coins to plow and 150 coins to plant soybeans, but delete those plot using the shovel tool immediately after seeds have been planted.

You might wonder why you need to delete those lpots in order to gain experience level points. The reason behind it is because, plowing and planting soybeans will gain you 30 points on those 10 plots. You can repeat this cheat process, each time it will cost 300 FarmVille coins in order plow and plant, then delete using the shovel. You will see your FarmVille experiences quickly increase and come closer to the next level. I know that it is your goal!

After you have accumulated all the wanted experiences and gained a new level, you can plant the exact seeds that you wanted to buy. Experience level FarmVille cheat can be done as quickly as you can plow, plant and delete. You can even expedite the process by using your harvester, tractor and seeder if you already have them.

See? Increasing your experience level in Farmville isn't that hard. I hope the Tips on increasing your Farmville experience points helped you. Please check the site back regularly for more Farmville Cheats, Tips and Tricks.


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